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"Our pupils have flourished taking on the varied, exciting Quiz Club challenges. They allow pupils of all ages to discover and grow in Maths, Science and General Knowledge within a framework of friendly competition."

— Steve Garvey, The Pointer School, London

Entering this quiz has been a wonderful experience, giving our pupils the opportunity to travel, to meet other children from different backgrounds and to test their skills of general knowledge in an exciting and modern way. The use of computer graphics and handsets for answering questions has brought a contemporary 'feel' to answering general knowledge quizzes and because answers are team based, makes all in the group feel valued and included. The competition is very professionally run and we look forward to participating with two teams next year. In my opinion, it is one of the best competitions that we have entered in the last ten years and joining will bring a great deal of pleasure, excitement and real intellectual challenge to your pupils.'  John Welch, St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School, Preston, Lancashire

Quiz Club is a terrific experience for the children. It is superbly organised with amazing visuals and a range of challenging questions that captivate the audience and engage the children. We have been involved for three years now and it is wonderful to see the excitement amongst the children and the different types of children the competition attracts. I highly recommend it!  Ian Rix, Ashley Junior School, New Milton, Hampshire

Quiz Club offer a fantastic experience for Primary age pupils. The Quiz is something our pupils look forward to each year. We have used the annual experience as a way of auditing the general knowledge of our pupils, and as a significant method of improving it. All KS2 pupils take part in the trials to get onto the final team, so it's not just the Gifted and Talented involved. It's an exciting and enlightening process. The Inter School Quiz itself is educational, ticks all the Gifted and Talented boxes and is an ideal way to promote teamwork. Perhaps more importantly, it is genuinely great fun too!'  Geraint Clarke, Brentry Primary School, Bristol

In a world where general knowledge is often far from general and science only a small part of a packed primary school curriculum, Quiz Club offers a fun way to engage children with the love of knowledge. I have called Quiz Club "curriculum plus " as it encourages pupils to love learning and pursue research long after the final bell of the day has rung. Our club meets on a Monday afternoon and we are often sought out by parents at 4pm who need to get home as we have been carried away and forgotten to stop!

We have always performed well in the quizzes and this year our year 5 science team were 1 question away from the national final.  However, for me it is not about the quiz days but about the enthusiasm I see develop in the pupils as they queue up to tell me what they have discovered. Education should not answer children's questions but, rather, give them the tools to ask and answer them for themselves, and in this I find Quiz Club an invaluable partner and friend.  Val Brown, Leechpool primary school , Horsham ,West Sussex

I cannot recommend quiz club to schools enough. The boys absolutely love it and it such an enriching part of the curriculum. The termly quiz package is brilliant. It contains everything you need to run a successful general knowledge club. Thank you! We love it!  Sarah Humphrey, Wetherby Prep School, London

Taking part in the national Prep School Science Quiz was a great opportunity for our students to interact with keen scientists from other schools. They had a great time preparing for the quiz and were amazed by how exciting the quiz master, electronic controllers and presentation made the event.

The questions were challenging but the background knowledge of the host made the information accessible and everyone in the audience learned a great deal.

Hosting the local heat was made easy by Quiz Club and we are looking forward to welcoming neighbouring schools again next year.  Tristan Igglesden, St John’s College School, Cambridge

General knowledge is often under-valued in schools and it's great to see children given a chance to show off their, often astounding, array of weird and wonderful facts. The use of the electronic keypads for answering is fantastic, and the children love the feeling of being on a television quiz show, reminiscent of a junior University Challenge.

The questions, covering a wide range of topics, are incredibly well thought out and test the children in many different ways.

Since we joined the competition, the boys at Birkdale have loved taking part in the practice quizzes and are always keen to try and make it into the team. Whilst encouraging competition, the quiz can also appeal to those less-competitive individuals who simply love exploring new knowledge.  Joe Cooper, Birkdale Prep School, Sheffield

Westville House School have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in both the Science and General Knowledge Quiz Club Competitions. The selection tests for teams include the whole school and create both interest and enthusiasm for the school team selected. At each stage of the Competition, both children and parents have commented how well run the events have been, how much they appreciate the way the Quizmaster speaks to the children, and how much extra knowledge they have gained.

The range of questions is appropriate to the children's age groups and extends the very brightest child. During the heats we have also enjoyed the opportunity to visit other schools in the area, and the Finals at the Rutherford Science Centre have been a highlight for everyone involved. We now look forward to hosting one of the rounds in next year's quiz season. I would strongly encourage other schools to join the Quiz Club and allow their children to demonstrate their amazing knowledge. Rebecca Farthing, Westville House School, Ilkley, North Yorkshire

Truro Prep has embraced Quiz Club with open arms. For the relatively small cost to get involved, Quiz Club provides excellent selection quizzes that enable all pupils (from Year 3 to Year 6) to participate.  These are fun and make full use of interactive technology. But the real fun starts with the Area Round. The set-up and organisation is impeccable; the children have a sense of being involved in something very sophisticated, yet by clever use of technology, the competition works for all children (whether they are confident in the public eye or not).

There’s no doubt that it’s Simon’s dynamic presentation that makes the children feel as if they are taking part in a high quality television quiz show. And if you qualify for a final, it just gets better and better, with treats for the children built in as part of the package. In short, involvement is fun, engaging, stimulating and perhaps most important of all, educational; a team opportunity for those who may not be sporty. I strongly recommend Quiz Club to you!  Matthew Lovett, Truro Prep School, Truro, Cornwall

Our children and parents have loved the spectacle and interactive nature of Quiz Club competitions. They are great fun and celebrate knowledge.  Simon Severino, Headmaster, St Andrew's Prep School, Eastbourne, Sussex

General Knowledge deserves status amongst the myriad extra sports and activities of a prep school. Quiz Club offers this in an exciting, fun, educational and high-tech way. Good to instil the idea of teamwork too, no-one is put “on the spot” to answer an individual question in front of an audience, but team effort is what counts. Simon as quizmaster is an excellent ambassador for general knowledge – efficient, professional, informative, witty and with appropriate gravitas as required! Long live Quiz Club!  Keith Palmer, Solefield School, Tonbridge, Kent

Inviting Quizclub into school proved to be an excellent idea! All the KS2 children enjoyed the preliminary selection quiz and administration of it was simple and quick, removing the onus from the classroom teachers.

As for the day itself, Simon is an entertaining quizmaster and he conducted a very professional quiz which was very much enjoyed by the pupils participating and the parents and staff in the audience.  The questions challenged the children and the scoring system allowed for tactical and strategical thinking.  It was great to see children from different year groups working as a team.

Finally, the organisation of the quiz is such that only a little effort is required to host such a fabulous event. I thoroughly recommend Quiz Club.  Paul Robson, Lady Barn House School, Cheadle, Cheshire

The kids had a really good time- it was an event to remember, as it always is. I've been organising our school's involvement in Quiz Club for the last few years and am always impressed by the presentation and professionalism right through from booking to finishing the actual events. It's one of the highlights of the year- thank you for all the work that goes into it.  Adam White, Bonneville Primary School, Clapham, London

This was the first time we had entered a team into the Prep School Quiz Club Championships, so we did not know what to expect. However everyone thought that it was great fun and well organised.   The questions were varied and challenging, but it ensured that the pupils in each team cooperated, drawing on their stronger subjects to support the rest of their team. Having a running total with the team in the lead changing all the time created suspense and excitement throughout the quiz. Our pupils can’t wait to enter again next year!  Judy Coles, Queen Mary's School, Thirsk, North Yorkshire

There is a great deal of excitement in the school as we come to prepare the practice tests with many hopeful candidates trying out, the final results are keenly anticipated as we choose the quiz team with huge excitement amongst the chosen few who get the chance to get to the heats. Parents and staff are staggered by the amount of knowledge the children have – often answering questions adults have no idea about! It is a great challenge for the more able pupil. The delight on the faces of the team when they made the final was incredible.

The final in the Speech Room at Harrow was such a great opportunity for children to challenge themselves against other bright like-minded pupils and coming second overall was great. Watching the scores advance on the big screen was tremendously exciting!  Tom Mylne, Gatehouse School, London

This was the school’s first involvement with Quiz Club. It enabled us not only to stretch our brightest students but also to engage a wider range of abilities in Science. We would not hesitate to be involved in the future.  Steven Buckley, Mount House School, Tavistock, Devon

We have introduced the idea of the quiz club to our children three years ago. They have all found it to be both interesting and great fun. It allows for "inclusion" since all pupils are able to participate through the use of the hand held remotes and enter their answers anonymously. It enables them to engage in a learning situation whilst having fun and eliminates any fear and anxiety. The Quiz has always been professionally organised and managed by the Quizmaster who engages with the children through his humour. The children are all reassured and encouraged to participate as fully as they can. The lives of our pupils have certainly been enriched by this event.  Lisa Barton, St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

This was our first year in the Quiz Competition and the children are already asking about next year - always a sign that it's made a positive impact!! Our children enjoyed doing the original qualifier quiz provided by Quiz Club. This is what we used to choose our teams for the competition - which consisted of children whose talents are not always celebrated as often as we may like. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other schools.  Shelley White, St Lukes Primary School, Cannock, Staffordshire

Having first participated in a round held in Merton Wyvil School offered to hold the local competition for our own borough of Lambeth. The Quiz Club events are always well managed, interesting for all of the children and great fun. What always strikes the teachers is the surprises the quiz throws up. Since a number of questions require knowledge beyond the National Curriculum it gives the children who are widely read or who have particular interests a chance to demonstrate their abilities. I expect Wyvil to have a long association with this organisation.  Chris Toye, Wyvil Primary School, Kennington, London

Quiz Club generated a large level of interest amongst pupils and parents alike. This is a wonderful opportunity for children across the key stage to compete against each other and then collaborate as members of the school team. The confidence and optimism of youth was apparent when I was asked "If we win this, will there be a European competition?!!" Parents were impressed by the professional way in which the events were organised and by the levels of general knowledge shown by all the teams. Please put us down for next year!  David Powell, Yatton C of E Junior School, Yatton, Somerset

We have been involved with Quiz Club now for the past two years and have thoroughly enjoyed holding class and Year group heats in order to choose our best team to represent KS2 at the local heat. We hosted for the first time last year and the experience was fantastic. The Quiz is professional, vibrant and very, very exciting with children able to score points individually and as part of a team.  Karen Keddie, Kings' Forest Primary School, Bristol

We have been participating in our local area Quiz Club heats for three years now. It is a fantastic opportunity for our Gifted and Talented children to rise to the challenge of competing against other schools, although it is a completely nerve wracking experience for any supporters watching! We have been piped to the post on many occasions but come back each year even more determined to be victorious!  Andrea Rowlandson, Sacred Heart Primary School, Battersea, London

Here at Fulbridge we have entered a team into Area Heats twice, acting as a Host School on the second occasion. We also organised and ran a Cluster Quiz a few months ago. We find Quiz Club to always be a very professional and thoroughly enjoyable experience for all involved. Organisation is excellent, quiz masters are all very professional with a distinct affinity for children and they have also responded to feedback we've given in a pro-active, positive way. I would unreservedly recommend Quiz Club for Gifted and Talented learners at KS1 and KS2 in any Primary School.  Caroline Dingle, Fulbridge School, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

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