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Quiz Club offers a unique and exciting way to motivate, inspire, encourage and reward children in their quest for knowledge and provide them with the opportunity to celebrate their achievement as part of a high profile, national competition. 

All of our quizzes and championships have the option to be run either by one of our Quizmasters as an event in a hall or theatre or for schools/players to take part remotely with our software enabling them to turn devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones or PC's into handsets within seconds and play the quiz as if they were in the room with the rest of the teams, whilst the Quizmaster presents the quiz, with instant scoring feedback on-screen.

We run three national championships;  The National Keystage 2 General Knowledge Championship,  The National Years 5 & 6 Science Championship and The National Keystage 2 Mathematics Championship.

The Championships reinforce team work, boost confidence, encourage strategic thinking and light the fire for knowledge. By selecting your team/s using the team selection quizzes we provide, you can involve all children, regardless of ability, in the initial stage of the competition in an inclusive, exciting and educational event, whilst challenging your most able pupils.

The online heat is hosted live by our Quizmaster, with schools playing against teams from across the country.   The top scoring teams at the heats go through to the Semi Finals, which are also online.  The top scorers at the Semi Finals are then invited to take part in the fantastic National Finals which takes place in the summer term at Oxford University.


We run live online after-school clubs for children in years 3 - 6.  Schools register to have a club on their premises with the children taking part in a 45 minute quiz after school on a weekly basis which is presented by one of our professional Quizmasters live online.  The children use the school devices (PC, tablet, laptop etc) which act as a handset for them to take part in the quiz playing with other children from schools across the UK.

We also supply sets of weekly quizzes to schools who would prefer to run their own independent Quiz Club.


We run Inter-House and whole school quizzes in any subject and for any age group either live online or in personal at your school.

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