The National Championships

The Quiz Club National Championships boost confidence, broaden knowledge and encourage great team work but above all are fantastic fun for your pupils and their supporters.

In light of the unusual situation schools find themselves in this year, we have decided to run all of our Championship events live online with year groups each having their own competitions to ensure children in the same bubble play together as a team.

We have four types of championships with different competitions for each year group.  The Championships are; 


Separate Championships for years 3, 4, 5 and 6


Separate Championships for years 5 and 6


Separate Championships for years 5 and 6


Separate Championships for years 3 and 4

Regardless of subject matter or age range, all of our championships follow exactly the same format with schools, on registering, receiving access to team selection quizzes to select their team/s, practice quizzes for the teams, once selected, to play and a one hour live online area heat with school teams taking part from across the county.  Parents and supporters are also able to watch the area heat online.  Every championship culminates in a National Finals later on in the academic year.

How the Live Online Area Heat works

Each Area Heat is hosted live online by our professional Quizmaster.  The show is played by teams from schools across the country and is very much like a television gameshow, with instant onscreen scoring making it thrilling entertainment. Each team uses a mobile phone, tablet, PC or laptop which our software converts to a team handset (there is no software to download and all you need is a good internet connection in the room the team/s are playing from).  The team members are encouraged throughout the quiz by the Quizmaster to confer before selecting their answer. 


The Area Heat comprises 40 multiple choice questions with a wide range of difficulty levels and teams confer on and answer every question using their handsets.  The Quizmaster includes a great deal of additional information around the questions which participants absorb, broadening and improving their knowledge throughout the competition.

At the end of the online Area Heat, the top 3 teams are announced in reverse order and the scores for all teams are shown on screen.  A teams individual score and placing also shows on their handset. The winning team at each online Area Heat is awarded a plaque for their school and badges for the team which are sent in the post. All contestants receive a certificate to mark their achievement in representing their school in the championship, which can be downloaded from our website.  The top 10 teams from each heat are invited to take part in the thrilling National Finals later on in the academic year.

Question content of each championship type

Please click on the links below to see the subject and question content for each championship.

Selecting your teams

After registering for the Championship, schools receive access to the automated team selection quizzes to run in their classrooms for all children within the appropriate year group.  With the fun of the contest starting in the classroom, schools are able to involve all pupils in the exciting and educational team selection process and provide a real sense of achievement for the children that secure a place on the school team.

Schools also have access to 4 practice quizzes narrated by our Quizmaster for your team/s to play. The practice quizzes are fantastic for the team/s to play before they take part in the Area Heat.

Parent and supporters involvement 

Parents of your team members, other children from your school and any other supporters of your team/s can watch the Area Heat live online and cheer your team on.  If you wish you can hold the event in your hall so more people can watch and support the team, provided no help is given to your team members during the quiz.

The National Finals 

The National Finals of each Championship is held online during the Summer Term and the top 10 teams from each area heat in each Championship will be invited to take part.  The winning team at each National Finals receives a plaque for their school as the National Champions.

Online Area Heat dates and times

The dates and times of all of the online area heats are available by clicking on the link below or on the main menu.

Entry costs

Entry into a championship is £40 + vat for your school team and this includes the team selection and practice quizzes and the teams participation throughout the championship.  Schools may enter multiple teams and the cost for each additional team is £40 + vat.  The entry costs are invoiced to your school Finance Office directly after your registration is received.