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Live Online Quizzes

In light of the current school closures, Quiz Club is delighted to offer a variety of live online quizzes which pupils can take part in from their own homes on behalf of their school, with their classmates or as individuals. 


All the children need at home is a PC, laptop or tablet to use to watch and listen to the quiz and then another device (mobile phone, tablet or laptop) to use as their personal handset to answer the questions. There is no software to download and you receive simple instructions on how to join in when you book a quiz.


Each quiz is presented live by our Quizmaster and runs for 45 minutes.  It is composed of 30 multiple choice questions of varying difficulty levels and players answer every question using their remote handset.  Many questions contain pictures and the Quizmaster gives plenty of information throughout the quiz, explaining the answers and elaborating on the topic so the children have a good understanding of the question and answers, rather than just knowing if they are right or wrong.   There is instant on-screen scoring for all players making the quiz very exciting to take part in.  At the end of the quiz, the top scoring players are announced in reverse order and all players receive their score and placing direct to their handset.


We hope these quizzes will give a real sense of inclusion in a live event for children who may otherwise feel rather isolated from their classmates whilst they are at home. 


Momentous events in history, incredible geographical landmarks, beautiful art, inspiring music and literature, amazing science, cultures from around the world, current affairs and world knowledge all feature in our quizzes.  Subjects such as history, geography, maths, science, art, music, literacy, spelling, culture, current affairs and world knowledge are all well represented and offer children the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and understanding of our past, present and future.


From the solar system to the smallest creatures on earth, from inventions that transform our world to science in our everyday lives, the quizzes will engage, motivate and inspire year 5 & 6 children, encouraging them to explore science in a fascinating, engrossing and educational way.

The questions in the Science quizzes cover subjects such as human biology, astronomy, great inventors and inventions, physics, zoology, ecology, earth science, oceanography, geology, meteorology, botany and chemistry. 



The Maths quizzes are an exciting way to challenge pupils’ mathematical ability, testing mental dexterity, accurate question comprehension and speed of calculation.

Challenging the children to solve quick fire calculations, use logical thinking to work out more complex problems, testing and extending their knowledge of time, measurement, money, fractions, decimals, percentages, statistics, geometry and algebra all within an environment that is very exciting and great fun.


A great way to keep advancing and reinforcing spelling, grammar and English comprehension, have some fun and forget you're learning! 



Parents wishing to book their children into one of the live quizzes can see the types of quizzes, dates and times available by clicking on the link below.  The cost of entry is £2.50 per child.

For schools wishing to enter multiple children or who would like to obtain a school discount on behalf of their parents, please contact us directly.  We offer discounts for multiple entries by schools of up to 50%.

Schools wanting us to run a quiz specifically for their pupils (eg an Inter-House quiz) should contact us and we can schedule this in.  We would need a minimum of 100 children taking part to make this viable but please tell us what you would like and we can let you know how it would work.