Area Heat Dates and Locations 2020 - 2021

We will be running the championships as usual for the 2020 - 2021 academic year with the option of live events in school halls or live online area heats for those schools that would prefer to take part from their own location.  The venues and dates for each Championship are below.

  • For the events at our host schools, we have introduced the following measures to ensure you can be confident that every care is being taken to keep your pupils safe.

  • We will not have any supporters at the events. Only the team/s from each school with 2 teachers accompanying them will be attending the live heats.

  • All equipment will be cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes/spray between each event.  The handsets will be cleaned both at the start and end of each event.  The tables laid out for the teams at the event will also be cleaned before the handsets are laid on them. Prizes and certificate envelopes will also be cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes before the event starts.

  • The Quizmaster will wear both gloves and a mask whilst he is laying out the equipment/handsets and will continue to wear the mask when welcoming the children and teachers.  He will only remove it when he is sure everyone is seated and he is able to stand at his podium and maintain a safe distance between himself and the participants.

  • All team tables will be at a safe distance from one another.

  • Antibacterial hand gel will be provided at the entrance to the hall and all children and teachers will be asked to use it on entering and exiting the hall.

  • If a school has registered to take part in a area heat event, they can switch over to the live online heat at any time if they prefer.

  • If an Area Heat is not able to go ahead due to closure of schools or a situation where it is not prudent to continue with the heat, schools will be offered the option to take part online or to take a credit/full refund.

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